Freshly Alternatives: Choosing Worthy Meal Kit Service

Since the onset of the pandemic, more and more people who used to visit restaurants switched to ordering meal kits. Freshly is one of the best meal delivery service when you seek delicious dishes, and affordability though there are many more other alternatives to Freshly.

Top 5 Food Delivery Services like Freshly

If you reside in the Manhattan zone, Long Island or you live in Nebraska, Los Angeles, it doesn’t really matter, since you may access the following Freshly alternatives without any trouble online.

  1. Sun Basket – the best alternative
  2. BlueApron
  3. Plated
  4. Hello Fresh
  5. HomeChef

Sun Basket

  • Available Diets – Gluten/dairy/soy-free, vegan, diabetes-friendly, Paleo.
  • Cost/Minimum Order – $8.99-$12.99, choose from 20+ meals per week
  • Money-Back Guarantee – yes
  • Main Benefit – Organic food and the availability of snacks.
Food Delivery Services like Freshly

The Freshly competitors list starts with Sun Basket, a certified organic food delivery service providing people with delicious combinations for weekly nourishing. They boast antibiotic/hormone-free grass-fed meats that are sourced from trusted farmers. Then, this service is also the right choice if you seek a large depository of diets, as there are meals for pescatarians, Paleo-lovers, carb-conscious eaters as well as diabetic people. Any fresh gluten free meal is worth a try.

Their meals do not belong to the category of fast-cooking, as the average time for preparation may extend to 25-40 minutes. Still, these Freshly’s rival recipes are tasty and non-trite. If you usually possess enough time to dedicate to cooking, Sun Basket may become your guilty-pleasure source of recipes.

Let’s uncover some of their delicious options found in the January 2021 week – Turkey Bolognese, Chicken Tikka Masala, Wild Alaskan salmon fillets, etc. Unlike Freshly, they do also have snacks if you want to grab something between your main healthy meals including Marcona Almonds, hot chocolate walnuts, Paleo Sea Salt crackers, etc.


Organic ingredients;Plastic unconscious.
Paleo options;
Large portions.


  • Available Diets – Diabetes-friendly, vegetarian, carb-conscious.
  • Cost/Minimum Order – $7.99-$9.99
  • Money-Back Guarantee – yes
  • Main Benefit of Blue Apron – Wine delivery and pairings for all the ordered meals.
BlueApron freshly competitor

Compared to other Freshly rivals, BlueApron is somehow a comprehensive meal kit company, as it offers wine as well. This benefit does not overlap the fact that BlueApron lacks many diets though you may receive recommendations on pairings if you plan a romantic dinner or lunch with your beloved ones.

One may choose their signature meals, health-conscious options, however, do not look for something extra including Keto/Paleo recipes. Beyond that, compared to meal services like Freshly, BlueApron focuses on meat and vegetarian eaters the most. Another feature found with their official website is the cookbook. Note, every meal is super easy to prepare, however, if you look for any instructions, you may visit this book and be guided on the right preparation. Finally, coming back again to their wine offerings, you may find bundles of wine. For instance, for seafood experience, poultry, steak, and stir-fry meals.

Some of the most striking the eye meals are Indian Style burgers, Pesto Gnocchi, Salmon/Cilantro bowls, Shawarma. Summing up their benefits compared with Freshly, BlueApron is the best choice if you are not so picky concerning the diets but want to try something gourmet-like. Save your time on a trip to the grocery store.

Pros/Cons of this Freshly alternative

Cooking videos;Lacks many diets.
Wine pairing with meals;
WW-friendly options.


  • Available Diets – Gluten-free diary, vegan, low-carb.
  • Cost/Minimum Order – $8.95-$11.95
  • Money-Back Guarantee – yes
  • Main Benefit – Many discounts, and affiliate programs.

The next worthy Freshly alternative is Plated. Plated is somehow less popular company compared to the below-mentioned ones, however, it is also known for its fast-cooking recipes, and many meals taken from cuisines worldwide. Furthermore, they are the ones who allow you to painlessly mix combinations. As for ingredients, Plated cares about sustainability, and works only with sustainably sourced seafood, and vetted meats. Most providers like Freshly may accommodate family-sized clients, while Plated fits mostly singles and busy people who like ordering prepared foods. Therefore, it is not a go-choice for families compared to Freshly. One of the biggest advantages of choosing Plated is their generous portions, hence, if you prefer big plates, this service might be your pal.

Let’s see their meal per week. There are Boy Chok Fried rice, Peruvian Style chicken, Ginger-Miso Noodles, etc. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Plated has much packaging that may seem at first unnecessary, however, everything is environmentally-friendly and sustainable similar to Freshly. Plated also mentions how to recycle all the boxes if you want to proceed with it at home.


Very fast cooking;Non-intuitive website.
Organic ingredients;
Many cuisines.

Hello Fresh

  • Available Diets – Vegetarian, pescatarian, calorie-smart, plant-based meal kits.
  • Cost/Minimum Order – $7.49-$8.99 for the first box
  • Money-Back Guarantee – yes
  • Main Benefit of Hello Fresh – The most recognized meal kit service in the US.
healthy Freshly alternative is Hello Fresh

Another healthy Freshly alternative is Hello Fresh meal delivery. It is worth mentioning that unlike other delivery providers like Freshly, Hello Fresh is one of the most recognized in this industry. The company deeply cares about the organic aspect of its ingredients and even measures them all for you to enhance your cooking experience. Yes, it may lack many healthy diets, however, the quality of food is beyond compare. This is one of the most popular prepared meal delivery service. They have delicious craft burgers, gourmet options, vegetarian non-trite combinations. Furthermore, canceling and skipping weeks with them is super easy. Hormone-free meats, sustainable seafood among those pillars they also boast the most. Finally, their prices are one of the most affordable in this industry compared to Freshly, hence, no wonder why Hello Fresh gains the lead in the competition.

Some of their most delicious options are Beef Bowls, Pork and Bean chili, Sweet Potato and Mushroom bowls, Tomato soups. Unlike Freshly, they do also offer a cookbook where you may find instructions on preparing the recipes, however, they are easy without advice as well and ready to cook.

Pros/Cons of Hello Fresh as alternative to Freshly

Convenient recipe cards;Small portions.
Farm-sourced ingredients;
No food waste.

Home Chef

  • Available Diets – Soy/dairy-free meals, vegetarian, calorie-conscious, carb-smart, plant-based meal kits.
  • Cost/Minimum Order – $6.99-$9.99 for first order.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – yes
  • Main Benefit – Unlimited adds-on compared to Freshly.
Freshly competitors comparison

Freshly competitors comparison without HomeChef meal delivery service is impossible. HomeChef is a company similar to HelloFresh, and these two always compete with each other. Nevertheless, if overlooking things like Freshly offers, HomeChef offers delicious recipes that are extremely easy to prepare. The meals may both take 5 minutes for cooking and 30+ minutes for gourmet recipes. You may choose meals and add to them more protein, or reduce its number if you are on a certain diet. They also offer organic, antibiotic-free meats, however, be ready to pay more for such extra. As for specialties, HomeChef has yummy and healthy Japanese burgers, Korean chicken, and Shrimp/Coconut risotto. It means that you can easily access many cuisines to nourish your body or treat your friends with them. Still, more vegetarian options should be added like with other companies like Freshly.

Finally, HomeChef is available in many stores across the US, as they are a part of the Kroger Family. You may find stores near you to pick up HomeChef products at any time.


Affordability;Lacks more vegetarian meal options.
Easy-to-make recipes;
Skipping or doubling the adds-on;

Feel free to learn more about Freshly main competitors with their official websites, and decide on the one which fits your paying capacity, and liking regarding your taste preferences

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