Looking for nutritious meal kit companies that care about various dietary restrictions? The US market is full of interesting delivery services that may satisfy your healthy-food cravings. Green Chef is a trendy food delivery company offering exclusively fresh and qualitative recipes to cook, eat, and follow a healthy lifestyle. After acknowledging every single review on this service, I have decided to make my own independent and sincere Green Chef review. Read about my experience of ordering with them, pricing policy, dietary offerings as well as delivery nuances.

Introduction to Green Chef Home Delivery Service

The Ultimate Green Chef Review

As per their official website, the service positions itself as the #1 meal kit provider for eating well. The idea behind establishing it in the food delivery market is to cut down environmental impact when it comes to wasting food, and minimize carbon emission. A company mentions that they provide the clients with recyclable packaging, and ensure food safety is always on top. You receive your parcel without any damages, and the temperature of the prepared foods matches the requirements.

When I came across the service, I wondered whether they offer meal kits for non-vegetarian people, as similar companies try to promote meatless recipes. I reviewed their plans, and want to say that if you love meat, seafood the way I do, Green Chef is worth your attention and money. 

It traces history back to 2014 and is owned by HelloFresh, a German meal kit service operating in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Western Europe.

Review of Green Chef Pros and Cons

Before I was lucky to try Sun Basket, Chefs Plate kits, and I did not expect something extraordinary with Green Chef products, however, they greatly hooked me on their “organic certification”. Below, you may find my little research on what makes them good competitors on the market, and what pulls them down.


  • Meal kits for specific dietary restrictions;
  • USDA-certification, organic food composition;
  • A go-green company which cares about environmental impact;
  • Meals with a focus on low-saturated fat content;
  • Excellent taste.


  • You are tight to one meal plan;
  • More weekly meals will be good to offer;
  • Shipping is paid separately;
  • Pricey compared to the main competitors;
  • Cooking is still required.

I want to emphasize that dishes are very tasty for my liking, however, many other reviews on Green Chef prepared meals described them to be just okay, or above average. Thus, it is up to you to decide.

Green Chef Food Delivery Pricing

Green Chef Food Delivery Pricing

As I said above I find Green Chef quite pricey but reasonable compared to other companies including Sun Basket. Like with similar delivery meal kit companies, the price policy depends on the meal plan you go for, and servings.

I could choose from the following plans:

  1. Keto+Paleo Plan – $6.66;
  2. Balanced Living Plan –  $5.66;
  3. Plant-Powered Plant – $5.66.

These low prices come from introduced discounts for everyone.

If believing other reviews, there is a Green Chef family plan as well, which is $10.99 per servings for 4, however, I have decided to try my luck with the Balanced Living Plan.

Shipping is $8.99, though they offer an additional discount and free shipping for the first order, and discounts for the second, third, and fourth orders. It is a great marketing ploy, and it worked for me and I bet it will do for you.

Choosing Meal Plan and Ordering

Green Chef Food Ordering

To order your healthy meal kit, you should only proceed with the button “Get Started” on the official website. The whole interface seemed to be super user-friendly, convenient, and easy, and I did not require any help like it usually happens when you are hungry and cannot keep calm entering much data. If you have a promo code, do not forget to indicate it during the first step. It will help to save even more.

The ordering process starts with picking up the preferred meal plan. I chose Balanced Living which cost me only $5.66. I could order for 2 or 4 people, choose 2-4 recipes, and it was convenient for me. Afterward, you will need to indicate shipping details, as well as you may continue with the Facebook sign-up (it is great for those who want everything filled automatically). Once you indicate the address, it also automatically generates the city, state, and zip code. It is a nice approach to saving not only the environment but the patience of potential clients. 

The next step is a checkout, where I saw convenient and available delivery dates and chose a password. This step also included an indication of my preferred payment method. There is a choice between card and PayPal, and I saw a pleasant bonus for my pocket saying – $32.01 Off + Free Shipping on 1st Order + $20 Off Your 2nd Order + $10 Off Your 3rd Order + $10 Off Your 4th Order for 2 Servings of 3 Recipes. After I selected the recipes and waited for them right at my door.

If you want to edit the subscription, you may easily do it through the website.

Now, I want to say about the reverse side of the coin. I could not choose meal preferences from different plans due to the difference in their prices. It means if I choose the Balance Living Plan, a Keto meal should be ordered separately. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with my selected plan and full, as there are many tasty options.

Green Chef Meals Reviews: What Are Available Diets?

Below, I hinted on what are the three main plans including Keto+Paleo, Balanced Living, and Plant-Powered. Therefore, they fit different dietary requirements.

Keto+Paleo Plan

Plan  Keto+Paleo

This plan fits those people who are into “filtrating” their carb consumption and those who try to avoid gluten and grain foods. The company’s calculations claim that available weekly recipes contain no more than 35g of net carbs where most recipes do not even go below 20g but include various proteins and fats to nourish you and your stomach. It sounded very healthy and persuasive for my stomach because I wanted to feel happy after eating rather than craving for more snacks.

Speaking of the recipes, I found the following weekly options interesting:

  • Chimichurri chicken;
  • Blackened shrimp with cheesy cauliflower;
  • Pork chops alongside Tahini;
  • Fried eggs with Cheddar;
  • Chicken thighs;
  • Greek salad with sausages;
  • Beef bowl;
  • Shrimp with pesto.

Balanced Living Plan

Plan Balanced Living

It was my YUMMY choice because I love meat, seafood and may go sometimes for some vegetarian options. If you do not know what to choose, this plan is the best option to start with the service.

I could order from the next options:

  • Chicken with pasta;
  • Korean burger;
  • White bean soup with sausages;
  • Trout with roasted potatoes;
  • BBQ Chicken bowl;
  • Roasted zucchini;
  • Black bean and corn quesadilla;
  • Italian shrimp with pasta.

Plant-Powered Plan

Plan Plant-Powered

Last but not least offer fits those who love following complete vegan or vegetarian mode.

It contains the next weekly recipes:

  • Roasted zucchini;
  • Black bean and corn quesadilla;
  • Butternut squash spaghetti;
  • Chickpea bowl;
  • Peanut udon noodles;
  • Roasted carrot bowl;
  • Cabbage slaws with mango sauce;
  • Green pea falafel;
  • Squash and farro bowls.

It all sounds tasty, and the authentic names for their recipes look over nourishing and tantalizing. I could find what I want to eat in each plan, hence, the absence of flexibility between choosing recipes from one plan and adding some from another one did not frustrate me anymore.

If you feel the variety of dishes is limited, think about the next statement – Green Chef and similar companies allow you to avoid spending long hours in front of the oven and mixing ingredients. Thus, you only win by minimizing the waste of time and eat delicious dishes half-prepared by yourself.

Green Chef Reviews on Delivery Areas

This meal delivery service may easily deliver your meal kit across the United States except for some areas including Alaska, Hawaii, and certain parts of Louisiana.

I ordered my recipes on Wednesday and wanted my delivery to come on Monday the next week. The box arrived at 11 am. The company mentions that the average timeline of all the deliveries occurs between 8 am to 9 pm on the chosen scheduled day. The exception is a Sunday.

A company may fastly deliver your box to a working address by 5 pm as well. Believe me, you will go back home happy with a recipe, or cook it at work and share it with colleagues later. 

By the way, I hope they will introduce something like a Referral program because my friends enjoy their recipes to the extreme.

To track your parcel, Green Chef sends you tracking information via email. For deliveries, they have their own shipping partners. If you want to track the departure and arrival on the website, this option is available as well. I did it using email.

If you hesitate about the security of your parcel, the company ensures to deliver it seamlessly. I did not experience any breakage or other inconveniences.

To my surprise, the delivery company did not require my signature on the box, and the parcel waited for me at my front door. It is also convenient. 

Those who want to figure out more about a delivery, shipping, payment, and the company mission itself may go for checking their FAQs page and learn more. 

Green Chef Meal Delivery Reviews: Should You Go For It?

My experience with Green Chef was excellent because I found meal kits that fit my diet preferences. Before ordering, I read multiple reviews on Green Chef and came across sayings that their recipes are just okay. My Balanced Living Plan was fantastic, nourishing, and obviously HEALTHY and it did not require me to stand cooking long hours. 

As for me, Green Chef is the best delivery service. I did not have any trouble registering, ordering, or receiving my parcel on time. Those who are into an extremely healthy lifestyle may find this company interesting as well. It fits vegan, vegetarians, and those who want to have a nutritious gluten-free meal and/or, Keto, Paleo recipes, while meat and seafood lovers may satisfy their cravings without any boundaries too. 

During the checkout process, I was happy to know I have a discount for 1st, 2, 3, and 4th orders. I was like WOW, and wanted to order more and more.

If you still hesitate whether it is worth your try or switch from your current food delivery services, go through numerous reviews meal delivery Green Chef, and try to identify more pros based on independent opinions. The only thing, as for me, which may frustrate you is a relatively high price for meal kit BUT AGAIN, it is high only compared to other companies providing healthy delivery services. 

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