Being vegan or vegetarian is not only a way of living, and avoiding the products received from the animals’ exploitation but also a tremendous boost of one’s health. Typically, people imagine this type of eating habit as a boring one, when a person enjoys only greens. Meanwhile, veggie options might be fun and delicious as well. One of the ways to try out this type of food is to rely on the Purple Carrot service. Let’s reveal the Purple Carrot’s mission, menus, meal options alongside pricing for going green.

What Is Purple Carrot?

Purple Carrot Review

The Purple Carrot’s motto is Eat More Plants. The company carries the mission to spread awareness of following a healthy plant-based diet. They believe plant-based ingredients may minimize the risk of struggling from high blood pressure, heart diseases as well as diabetes. A person who sticks to such a diet may reverse his chronic disease. It all sounds great, however, you may think of boring combinations like cabbage and potato, carrot and eggplant, but no. The Purple Carrot’s chef crafted non-trite recipes that may resemble the traditional meals from many cuisines.

Note, Purple Carrot does not judge those who are meat-lovers and cannot imagine their day without chicken wings. They just emphasize that you may eat everything but do not neglect the power of vegetables. While their meals are deprived of meat, they substitute them with other powerful proteins, and starches, hence, you do not sacrifice your nutrition.

As for their delivery area, you won’t be much surprised but they mention the same policy as other companies. They do deliver to the contiguous US except for Hawaii and Alaska. Frankly speaking, it is a common practice, and people who live in those areas should only wait for a miracle to have all the meal kit companies to service their addresses.

All in all, Purple Carrot is a go-choice for vegans, vegetarians, and simply those people who crave some new mixes of veggies. You should try to give it a chance regardless of your dietary preferences.

The Pricing Policy When Ordering with Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot Pricing Policy

Although this meal kit company deals with plant-based recipes, you can hardly call it a cheap one and very affordable. The Purple Carrot prices resemble other weekly subscription services. Let’s cover their prices in detail:

  • 2 Serving Plan
  1. 3 meals per week = $11.99 per serving – First-week price with a discount will cost you $51.94
  2. 4 meals per week = $11.99 per serving – First-week price with a discount will cost you $75.92
  • 4 Serving Plan
  1. 2 meals per week = $9.99 per serving – First-week price with a discount will cost you $59.92
  2. 3 meals per week = $9.99 per serving  – First-week price with a discount will cost you $99.88

These are pretty average prices, however, there are also some extras. For instance, their breakfasts will be $5.99 per serving, and if you crave for extra lunch, it costs $11.99 per serving.

The good news about the shipping cost, it is included in the price, and you do not pay anything extra.

Beyond that, it is worth mentioning Purple Carrot coupons and discounts. You may find them with many third-party websites that share such perks.

What Is the Available Purple Carrot’s Menu?

The service does not have a menu that you may usually expect to see. There are only listed options for the week divided per dinner, lunch, breakfast, and snacks. They are all crafted by their nutritionist or chef to meet the necessary calorie-content for everyday nourishment.

Therefore, their menu can be called simply – Vegetarian/Vegan Menu.

Meal Options of Purple Carrot

Meal Options of Purple Carrot

What is on the February menu with Purple Carrot? To provide you with a basic understanding of their meal options, below you may find some of the recipes.


  • Corn and Crab Dumplings
  • Avocado Quinoa Burgers
  • Penne Mushroom Florentine
  • Peanut Noodles
  • Tahini Cauliflower Steaks

These recipes contain around 420-770 calories. The cooking time ranges between 25 to 40 minutes on average.


  • Pesto White Bean Melts
  • Brown Rice Bahn Mi Bowls

These recipes contain around 390-590 calories. The cooking time is 15 minutes.


  • Amaranth Chocolate Porridge
  • Avocado Toasts

These recipes contain around 290-400 calories. The cooking time is 5-15 minutes.


  • Applewood BBQ
  • Oat Chocolate Bars
  • Peanut Butter Truffle Pouch

These snacks’ prices range from $4.39 – $11.99 each. All the snacks can be described as organic and tasty. They are a good choice to take to school for kids or to the gym for after-exercise nourishment.

The meal options are pretty interesting though there should be more recipes for lunch and breakfast with Purple Carrot.

What About The Products’ Quality of Purple Carrot?

Purple Carrot Products’ Quality

It is hard to speak about the product’s quality when ordering with Purple Carrot, however, all their options are quite organic. The most important aspect is that everything is plant-based, hence, it is hard to say that there are any GMOs or antibiotic prepared foods. Let’s refer to their official website statements:

  1. Purple Carrot offers fresh gluten-free meals – at least 1 option in lunch and 1 in breakfast each week.
  2. You may customize the box to avoid any allergies.
  3. Purple Carrot works with farmers and vendors that supply them with organic items.
  4. All the snacks are 100% vegan and plant-based.

Based on our and other clients’ experience, the quality of their organic food is high, and there won’t be any complaints.

Purple Carrot Packaging

The first thing you need to know is that their boxes are fully recyclable. You may find the information on recycling with their official website which is very convenient.

Then, their liners are 100% compostable. Cooling packs can be reused by refreezing them and leaving them in a cooler.

Purple Carrot uses much plastic though. You may find it with their jars and jar tops, bottles, plastic bags but they again are fully recyclable.

Finally, all their ingredients are carefully labeled, hence, you won’t face any inconveniences understanding where’s what.

Ordering Process with Purple Carrot

Ordering Process with Purple Carrot

Similar to other food delivery services, Purple Carrot does not differ much regarding ordering – everything is user-friendly, online, and convenient. When you proceed with ordering, you should indicate your email and password first. Otherwise, there is an option to proceed with the Facebook account. Once you indicate these details or sign up using Facebook, you get a $20 OFF discount. After that, you are redirected to choosing the plan. As you remember, there are two plans – 2 serving and 4 serving. Then, you have to indicate your delivery information or choose the Express Checkout if you plan to use PayPal. Afterward, you customize your box. 

How Is Purple Carrot’s Support?

Purple Carrot’s Support

Purple Carrot does not have a designated page for Support, however, they do have FAQs and Contact Us pages. First off, they have an option of a live chat which is very convenient if you do not want to wait on hold for a representative. Otherwise, if the FAQs page and their chat were not effective to address your inquiry, you may contact them by email. 

Their customer support team works Monday-Friday (9 AM-5 PM EST) – if you contact them by phone or email. 

All in all, their live chat provides enough information if you contact them with any questions. We have contacted Purple Carrot to figure out more about the allergens, and the representative was knowledgeable enough to satisfy us with answers. Therefore, again no complaints. The answer from the representative was sent almost immediately. 5 stars out of 5!

The Bottom Line: Is Purple Carrot Good for You?

Purple Carrot is the best delivery service for vegans and vegetarians. Unlike other meal delivery companies, this service focuses on plant-based ingredients that are tasty, and of course organic. You won’t face any hurdles looking for healthy recipes, however, some of them may take some time for preparation and cooking. There are also some drawbacks regarding the number of options available. For instance, they had better add more recipes for lunches and breakfasts, but if you are interested only in dinners, you will be delighted. As for their prices, they are not very affordable but regular if again compared with other meal kit services. 

To conclude, Purple Carrot is a real deal if you are tired of meat dishes and want to give a chance to veggies that may definitely be delicious and worth every penny of yours.

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