Which is Worth: Home Chef or Hello Fresh?

The delivery of the meal kits is something no one will be surprised by coming across. There are various representatives, however, they coincide in one factor – they are all focused on making your life easier. Let’s compare today’s two big cheeses Home Chef and Hello Fresh.

The Profiles of Home Chef vs Hello Fresh

Home Chef

This meal kit delivery party is dedicated to providing clients with carbohydrates-, and calorie-conscious, and vegetarian options for their liking, and dietary restrictions. Furthermore, there are certain meals which can be made in less than 25-30 minutes – great recipes for people running out of time. One more unique feature is their protein customization. You may choose what type of protein fits your mood today.

Home Chef versus Hello Fresh

Their servicing delivery area excludes only Alaska, Hawaii, and several blackout areas in Texas, Washington, California, etc.



  • Quick to prepare recipes;
  • Protein customization;
  • User-friendly website and app;
  • Family-friendly.


  • Does not deliver to some blackout areas;
  • Lacking options for vegans.

Hello Fresh

This delivery service is believed to be ranked #1 within its main competitors. It focuses on delivering recipes fit for families, veggie, meat & veggie as well as low-calorie consumers. There are meals for low-carb people as well, which is extremely great if you are on a diet. Beyond that, their recipes come with detailed nutrition sheets.

Home Chef vs Hello Fresh

Their servicing delivery area excludes only in Alaska and Hawaii.



  • #1 within other companies;
  • Fits many dietary restrictions;
  • Convenient recipe cards;
  • Quick to prepare recipes.


  • Quite pricey;
  • Too much packaging;

Both delivery services are great when it comes to healthy meals, and organic ingredients though Home Chef is better in the timeline needed to prepare your meal and is excellent if you want to customize your choice on the protein.

Pricing of Hello Fresh vs Home Chef

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh pricing starts at $7.49. Plus, you should be ready to fund $7.99 for each shipping except the first one, as it is free. There is a possibility to apply a coupon and promo code which would cut the cost. Today, Hello Fresh also provides discounts for healthcare workers which is pleasant during the hard times.

Home Chef 

Home Chef meals start at $7.99. The shipping fee is $9.88, however, if your order exceeds $45, you have free shipping. The services also provide discounts for military people and first-aid responders.

Both are excellent when it comes to caring for healthcare workers. Home Chef’s party is also beneficial with free shipping for large orders.

Let’s now dive into their detailed comparison of menus.

Hello Fresh vs Home Chef: Review of Menus

Hello Fresh Menu & Plans

There are currently 3 available plans with their recipes including:

  • Classic – 3-4 recipes/per week for 2/4 people
  • Family – 2-3 recipes/per week for 4 people
  • Veggie – 3 recipes/per week for 2/4 people

They feature various meat/veggies, low-carb and low-calorie options as well as dietician-approved recipes of no more than 650 calories each.

Home Chef Menu & Plans

There are currently 2 available plans with their recipes including:

  • HomeChef – 2-6 recipes/per week for 2/4/6 people
  • Fresh and Quick – 2-6 recipes/per week for 2/4 /6 people

They also feature meat/veggies, low-carb, pescatarian, and vegetarian recipes.

It’s worth saying again that two services perfectly provide enough diversity for both meat lovers and vegetarians, while Kaleo, Paleo, and vegan recipes should be found with other delivery parties.

Variety of Dishes

Hello Fresh

The service offers over 22 recipes carefully picked by professional chefs and dieticians. One may easily find family-friendly dishes for kids, options for following a low-calorie diet, and vegetarian dishes that are very yummy. You may mix the categories when ordering. Some of the most interesting weekly recipes include Spicy Maple Chicken and Sesame-Soy Bowls, they are worth trying.

Home Chef

They, in turn, offer over 20 recipes for vegetarians, carb-conscious, and calorie-conscious eaters. Furthermore, you may easily order recipes with <30 minutes to prepare only if you want to save time. Some yummy choices include Apple Cranberry Crumble, Hoisin Steak Tacos.

Home Chef is the best when it comes to fast and easy recipes.

The Box and Environmental Impact 

Hello Fresh service delivers recipes that are carefully labeled and organized. Hello Fresh boxes are a combination of recycled and virgin fibers. Kitbags and separators are recyclable and compostable. You receive your dishes which are individually described with the ingredients, which is very easy if you want to know more about the compositions. Home Chef also delivers recipes in curbside recyclable boxes, while their cooling boxes are non-toxic, and come with an eco-compatible fluid.

Two services really care about the environment and your comfort.

Ordering Process

If you want to compare Home Chef and Hello Fresh in their ordering processes, you won’t find many distinctions. First off, both offer either website or app ordering. With both you first select the plan, a number of people, recipes per week. Home Chef though offers more customization, and you may also log in using your grocery store. Afterward, you access unlimited choices for your weekly recipes. 

Both Hello Fresh and Home Chef deserve the best grades when it comes to their simplicity when ordering.


Two services have designated support pages online where you may address your inquiry. Based on our experience, the Hello Fresh customer support team is very friendly and may recommend a plan which fits your preferences the most. With Hello Fresh and Home Chef, you also have a possibility to cancel the subscription online which deprives you of calling the support team numerous times.

The Bottom Line

In short, it’s worth mentioning that Hello Fresh and Home Chef are extremely friendly companies that do their best to provide clients with simplicity when ordering and cooking. You may find many delicious and healthy options if you are vegetarian, pescatarian, a carnivore with both. If speaking of prices, Home Chef cost comparison led us to the understanding that they are cheaper, and have free shipping if you plan to go for large orders. Hello Fresh, in turn, remains one of the most popular meal kit parties. Nevertheless, two services are not a good fit if you follow Paleo, Keto diets, hence, you should seek other convenient companies to get such recipes.

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