The Comprehensive Home Bistro Delivery Review

There are lots of positive Home Bistro reviews, where clients share their opinions on this and other food delivery services. We’ve decided to join them and experience this intriguing service on our own. Feel free to refer to this article whenever you seek real feedback deprived of any promotions.

Short Overview and Delivery Area

Home Bistro is a food delivery service that carries the mission to provide people with gourmet dishes. All the foods coming from the service are ready to eat though some of them may need you to fastly boil or reheat them using the microwave.

Home Bistro Meal Delivery Review

Such an approach fits those people who run out of time for cooking but want to eat high-quality ingredients and tasty dishes. The service offers foods from Cat Cora who is a world-renowned celebrity chef, author,  and restaurateur. She is also the first renowned Iron Chef which may definitely inspire you to try their signature foods.

Home Bistro was first established back in 2014, and since then happily serves clients in all the states except for two – Hawaii and Alaska.


Ready to eat organic food;Pricey;
Featured by world-renowned female Iron Chef;No vegan options.
Fits many diet restrictions;
Friendly customer support team.

Home Bistro Review of Pricing

The prices greatly range depending on the serving, and signature collections. For instance, let’s take as an example several of their options:

  1. 10 best selling meals – $229;
  2. 20 Table-for-Two meals – $299.99;
  3. 10 Diabetic-friendly meals – $174.99;
  4. 10 Heart Healthy meals – $159.99;
  5. Individual meals – $16-$29.

When subscribing to their services, you get a 5% discount which is super cool. Note, the shipping is not free and may range between $15.95 to $59.95 depending on your location, and your order. 

Types of Menu

The menu is very huge and conveniently divided per your preferences. First off, there is a division into Best Sellers, Meal Combos, Individual Meals, and Dietary Preference. If you look for a family-plan, the service calls it Combo.

Home Bistro Meals Reviews

Home Bistro Family Plan Review

In short, their organic family plan, or else called Combo involves 6, 7, 10, 12, 14, 20 meals which you may share with kids as well. There are many dishes to nourish your body and provide kids with many vitamins. For instance, we tried 10 Mediterranean meals that cost us $184.99. There were a Bowl of mushroom bolognese and honey-roasted carrots liked by kids.

Variety of dishes

Home Bistro is an interesting food delivery service with an unlimited choice of fresh dishes. Sometimes, we could be lost in managing to choose dishes, as they are all attractive, all yummy, and gourmet-like. Let’s cover the top picks.

Home Bistro Meals Reviews

First off, you should know that their gourmet meals are designed to provide one adult serving. Secondly, we want to answer the popular questions – does Home Bistro have gluten free meals? Yes, and many more. 

Best Recipes

  1. Gluten free meal – Grilled chicken breast with sweet and spicy veggies, Pork Tenderloin medallions, Orange honey shrimp.
  2. Diabetic-friendly – Spanish cod with risotto, orange honey shrimp.
  3. Heart-healthy – Mushroom Bolognese, Udon, Curry Shrimp.
  4. Healthy gourmet – Vegetable chilli, Saucy chicken tagine.
  5. Lower sodium – Mediterranean chicken with artichoke sauce, short ribs.
  6. Paleo – Salmon with lentil rice, honey roasted carrots, shrimps with risotto.
  7. Vegetarian – Tofu, Udon.

The meals are ready to eat though some dishes should be only boiled or reheated using the microwave. You won’t experience much trouble as well as spend very little time on cooking, believe us.

Boxes/Environmental Impact

There is nothing extraordinary with the box they deliver your foods in. The order arrives in a sealed box packed with dry ice which keeps it frozen until you open it. Our order arrived well, and we were happy to proceed with cooking immediately. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any information about their sustainability impact or any details on whether their boxes are compostable or recyclable. 

Review of Home Bistro Ordering process

To order with Home Bistro, you should sign up with their website. The signup process is simple, and convenient because it requires standard details including your personal data, payment information, and delivery specifications. Afterward, you may unlimitedly choose preferred meals or combos, and mix them with all the subsequent orders. 

One of the top features with them is that they accept A LOT of payment methods including Visa, Master, Elo, Dinner Clubs, etc. We really loved it!

Reviews of Home Bistro Support

Frankly speaking, we didn’t contact their customer support team because all the necessary information is mentioned on their FAQs page. You may contact this meal delivery service by calling the office or sending an email. There are no Home Bistro bad reviews found claiming that they are not responsive. Beyond that, they have conveniently designated pages on Facebook and Instagram, where we believe you may address your inquiry as well.

Home Bistro Is It Worth It?

I tried Home Bistro for the first time. Before I used to order with Hello Fresh and didn’t think something could be better. Home Bistro is the best delivery service because they offer gourmet foods by a world-renowned Iron Chef. You can easily find many meals that fit various dietary restrictions including Paleo, Gluten-Free, Heart health, etc. Beyond that, they have combos as family-plans. We would totally recommend going for this food delivery service just to check what delicious and high-end cuisine stands for. Yes, they are not very affordable but the quality of prepared foods corresponds with the prices for sure.

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