Deciding Between Hello Fresh and Sun Basket

Decided to try meal kits that are popular within people who care about their health but cannot make up your mind between Hello Fresh and Sun Basket? Find this comparison review which covers their plans, dishes diversity, as well as pricing, and our overall impressions.

The Profiles of Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket

Hello Fresh 

This delivery service is believed to be #1 within its competitors. It offers a great variety of family-friendly options, vegetarian dishes, low-carb/low-calorie recipes. The service is very into sustainability, and organic ingredients as well as they currently launched discounts for healthcare workers which inspires respect.

Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket


Easy to prepare recipes;Pricey;
Variety of weekly recipes;Too much packaging.
Detailed recipe cards;Time-consuming recipes.
Good for many dietary restrictions.

As for their delivery area, they serve almost all the states except for two – Hawaii, and Alaska.

Sun Basket

This is a meal kit delivery service that is excellent for most diets including Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian as well as carb-conscious ones. Beyond that, all the recipes come directly from a world-renowned chef Justine Kelly.

Sun Basket vs Hello Fresh


Fits Paleo followers;Plastic unconscious;
Recipes from world-renowned chef;Lacking sustainable meats/seafood.
Organic ingredients;
Custom plans.

The delivery areas cover almost all the states excluding two – Alaska, Hawaii, and some parts of Montana, New Mexico, and North Dakota.

As of now, it does not seem a very sustainable-conscious company compared to Hello Fresh. Let’s see further, maybe it has more to offer.

Pricing of Sun Basket vs Hello Fresh

Sun Basket Prices

This delivery service is not ranked as a cheap option. They charge $10.99 per serving when choosing a 2-person plan, and $9.99 per family plan. The delivery fee is equal to $7.99. On the other side, they have first order with free shipping, and promo codes/coupons.

Hello Fresh Prices

This is a reasonably cheaper option. They charge $7.49- $8.99 per serving. The shipping fee is $7.99, while the first order comes with free shipping. What we loved the most is that they offer discounts for medical professionals fighting the COVID.

Hello Fresh is an absolute winner in prices.

Types of Menu/Plans

Hello Fresh Review of Plans

Hello Fresh may boast 3 plans available today. They are:

  • Classic with 3-4 dishes/ per week and for 2/4 people
  • Family with 2-3 dishes/ per week and for 4 people
  • Veggie with 3 dishes/per week and for 2/4 people 

The menu covers the most popular options for vegetarians, carnivore lovers, and low-carb, low-calorie dishes.

Sun Basket Review of Plans

With the Sun Basket, you may access many custom plans including Paleo, Vegetarian, Carb-conscious, Gluten-free, Lean and Clean, Diabetes-friendly, Pescatarian, Mediterranean, and Quick & Easy. They are available for 2/4 people. 

Let’s say that Sun Basket is a winner when it comes to diversity, especially considering the availability of choices for Paleo followers.

Variety of Dishes

Hello Fresh is focused on delivering a variety of vegetarian, and meat/seafood options. One may find Italian, Mexican, Indian, and American cuisines. You can easily mix across all the categories, and find what fits your lifestyle and dietary restrictions. For instance, the top picks are Beef Ragu Spaghetti, and Steak with Mushroom Cream Sauce.

Sun Basket, in turn, is more flexible if you are into specific diets. You may find Italian, Indian, and even Puerto Rican cooking options. The top picks are Arroz con pollo, Pork Tacos powered with pickled onions, and Shakshuka with spinach, etc.

The winner in taste is Hello Fresh meals, while Sun Basket gains the lead in a diversity of dietary recipes.

The Box and Environmental Impact

Hello Fresh is a known delivery service that extremely cares for sustainability. All the packaging is fully recyclable. As for practicality, you get your recipes in boxes where all the ingredients are carefully labeled and organized. Sun Basket boasts antibiotic- and hormone-free meats, organic eggs, wild-caught or sustainably raised-in-the-wild seafood. As for their packaging – the box is recyclable and compostable though there is too much unnecessary plastic.

Hello Fresh is a go-choice if you care about the environment.

Ordering Process

Two services have a very intuitive website and app where you may order. With Hello Fresh, you first select the plan, servings, and proceed with filling out the payment and delivery information. Sun Basket offers you first to sign up online using an Apple or Facebook account. Both services are very convenient, and you won’t have any trouble with ordering. With Sun Basket, there are more customization options though.

Customer Support Team

Two services are friendly when it comes to your puzzlement with ordering or regular advice about plans. You may either call the services, visit their support pages, or reach their team through email. Sun Basket also offers a live chat on the main page of their website which is extremely time-saving. 

To compare Sun Basket and Hello Fresh customer support and decide on the winner, we cared about simplicity, hence, a live chat availability wins.

Sun Basket or Hello Fresh: Which Is Better?

Now, it’s high time to recommend the best meal kit delivery party, and it’s quite hard. Here is why. Both companies care about delicious recipes, organic ingredients, simplicity with ordering processes. You may find many yummy options and forget about spending long hours in front of the microwave, or oven. Sun Basket is a go-choice if you have special dietary restrictions. You should choose it if you want something for a Paleo diet. Hello Fresh, in turn, is the most popular delivery service that is featured by many positive reviews, and cheaper cost. The advice will be to go for Hello Fresh if you seek a perfect combination of healthy dishes, affordable prices, and easy to prepare recipes. 

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