Comparing Hello Fresh and Blue Apron

Choosing a worthy meal kit company might be a tough task, though this article is aimed at helping you with your choice. Find the complete comparison of two popular companies Hello Fresh and Blue Apron.

Short Overview of Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron

Hello Fresh 

Hello Fresh is a leading delivery company that entirely focuses on healthy food and sustainability together. It offers a variety of recipes including meat & veggies, low-carb/ low-calorie options that fit both vegetarians, seafood, and meat consumers. You have over 22 weekly recipes which you may choose based on your preferences and have them conveniently delivered straight at your door.

Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron

Their servicing delivery area excludes only Alaska and Hawaii.



  • A multiple-choice of weekly recipes;
  • Fit many dietary restrictions;
  • Convenient ingredient and nutrition facts;
  • Can skip weeks;
  • Family-friendly.


  • Not very organic;
  • Quite expensive;
  • A small number of recipes for Kaleo, Paleo diets;
  • A small number of recipes for Kaleo, Paleo diets;
  • Shipping fee.

Blue Apron

This meal kit delivery company focuses on farmers-quality ingredients. It offers diabetes-friendly, meat/seafood, vegetarian recipes. The service also has signature collections to personalize your meals based on your preferences, as well as the WW Freestyle option which fits consumers who enjoy light low-calorie meals.

Their servicing delivery area excludes only in Alaska and Hawaii.


Pros of Blue Apron

  • Affordable;
  • Variety of meals;
  • Diabetes-friendly;
  • Free shipping for big orders;
  • Organic ingredients including sustainable meats, and seafood.

Cons of Blue Apron

  • Lacks meals for Kaleo, Paleo diet followers;
  • Small orders come with an extra shipping fee;
  • Not the best fit for consumers with severe allergies.

Two companies are almost the same when it comes to a good variety of recipes and meals. Blue Apron is a little bit more interesting in their signature meal kits and more cost-effective.

Pricing of Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh

Blue Apron Prices

There are 4 options $9.99, $7.49, $8.89, and $7.99 depending on the number of recipes per week. For instance, 2 recipes of their signature collection weekly for 2 people is $9.99, and $47.95 is total with delivery. If you order 2 recipes per week for 4 people, you will pay $8.89, and $71.92 is total with delivery but with free shipping. 

There is also a possibility to apply a coupon/promo code to cut the price.

Hello Fresh Prices

Prices of Hello Fresh service are the same across all their available meal plans. Mostly, you will come across 3 costs – $7.49 and $8.99, and $10.99 depending on the serving, and on how much you plan to order. Plus, you need to pay a shipping fee of $8.99. For instance, 2 people x 3 meals will cost you $8.99 per serving, and $60.93 is total including the delivery. The same, 2 people x 4 meals is $8.99, and $78.91 is total.

Today, they also offer special discounts for healthcare workers, and you may apply a promo code to cut the price.

Blue Apron is the best, as it is cheaper.

Types of Menu

Hello Fresh Meals

When overlooking the menu of Hello Fresh, one may find diversity and many cuisines. There is Italian cuisine with spaghetti, vegetarian recipes with sesame-soy bowls, Mexican tacos, Gourmet’s choice with Duck a l’Orange, signature collection with Ancho BBQ Sloppy Joes, etc. The menu is huge. Still, people who would love to see options for Kaleo, Paleo diets may choose other parties.

Blue Apron Meals

They are excellent in a division of their menus. One may find their signature recipes with meat, seafood, and diabetes choices, and a Vegetarian menu with meat-free options. For instance, Duck Steam Bums, Vegetable Quesadillas, and Spanish-spiced burgers, etc.

Blue Apron is perfect for picky eaters.

Variety of dishes

Hello Fresh Review of Dishes

As was hinted above, Hello Fresh is interesting when it comes to signature dishes and gourmet choices. There are all possible ingredients starting from seafood, meats, ending with Veggie Bowls, and Italian dishes. The dishes worth your choice are Cheesy Fried Eggs, and Country Beef & Mushroom Pot Pie. They are very yummy.

Blue Apron Review of Dishes

Blue Apron cares about the division of dishes. You don’t need to surf their Recipe menu to find something for vegetarians. The top picks include Crispy Salmon, Veggie Quesadillas, and Curry Pork Noodles if you love Indian vibes.

The recommendation for a winner falls to Blue Apron thanks to their diversity in plans, hence, meals.

Boxes/Environmental Impact

Two companies are believed to care about the environment and sustainability. Hello Fresh focuses on less food waste, C02 neutral delivery of the box. While Blue Apron is featured with sustainable seafood, and meat free of antibiotics. Their boxes are recyclable as well.

Here is a draw game.

Ordering process

Hello Fresh Ordering

You have to select serving, number of recipes per week, and get started with either Facebook, Google, Apple account, or email. Afterward, input your payment information, and preferred delivery date. Then, you may choose the dishes you would like to receive. The ordering process is very easy.

Blue Apron Ordering

With Blue Apron, you first sign up using email, Facebook, and even Apple accounts. After that, you choose a plan, servings, and input payment and delivery information. 

Both services are user-friendly when it comes to the ordering process thanks to their website ordering pages. Furthermore, two have an app to proceed with smartphone ordering.


Both companies can be contacted directly to address the inquiry. Beyond that, they are happy to provide you with additional information if you have specific cravings before ordering. They may recommend one on allergens, calorie facts though they provide clients with designated sheets as well. 

Two services are great with their customer support teams.

Blue Apron or Hello Fresh: Which Is Better?

Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are real online competitors with their benefits and small drawbacks. It’s worth mentioning that both have good menus, and diversity of dishes. If you compare Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and seek a worthy delivery service that offers cheaper plans, Blue Apron is the best decision. If you look for something more healthy and popular with people, it’s about Hello Fresh. Final word is that two meal delivery companies make your life easier with cooking, as you save much time.

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