Hyping on a healthy lifestyle, nutrition is no more an extraordinary trend but a must if you want to be “popular” like other conscious members of society. When it comes to lifestyle, you understand what to do including quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, while nutrition is a field where you may feel free to be diverse. Here come Green Chef vs Hello Fresh companies that are hard to choose from if you are new to meal kits. Before starting eating healthily, I made a research on what is worth my further attention and money. Now I welcome you to check out my independent review on both services, and then to feel free to make your feedback as well.

Short Overview of Green Chef versus Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh

In fact, both parties are excellent food delivery services. They send you weekly recipes that you may cook and enjoy alone or with your family. They specialize in healthy meal kits rich in organic and fresh ingredients. Those meal kits, in turn, fit those who do not have enough time to stand in front of the oven preparing dishes like Gordon Ramsy. This is how I came up with the idea – It is about me and I want to switch to prepared foods. Looking forward, I want to say that now I have much more time to spend on my hobbies, friends, and just chilling thanks to these almost ready-to-eat boxes.

What I like the most is that two services are into environmental impact, as they care about packaging and recycling. Beyond that, two offer a number of food choices for people with certain dietary restrictions.

Lately, I wondered  – Is Green Chef the same as Hello Fresh? Now, I believe it is right to say that two companies are much like relatives because Green Chef is a service established in the United States, and in 2018 acquired by Hello Fresh which, in turn, is a Berlin-based service. Simultaneously, they both serve the US, New Zealand, Austalia, Canada, and Western Europe.

Pros and Cons of Green Chef vs Hello Fresh

Green Chef

I could hardly find many distinctions, and you would understand me because they both belong to the family of HEALTHY food delivery companies, and they coincide in features a lot.

Pros of GreenChef

  • Fits many dietary restrictions including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, Paleo, Keto;
  • USDA-certified (only organic ingredients);
  • Go green service with recyclable packaging and a focus on minimizing carbon emission;
  • Tasty meal kits.


  • Pricey kits compared to other meal delivery services;
  • You may choose foods only from one selected plan;
  • Shipping is paid separately.

I want to mention that reviews on this service which I read before ordering also claimed that their foods are just okay in taste. For me, the kits were extremely tasty. It is each to his taste case.

Pros of Hello Fresh

  • Fits some dietary restrictions as well;
  • Care about the environment;
  • Easy to follow cooking with detailed instructions;
  • Tasty foods.


  • Pricey options;
  • Shipping is paid separately;
  • Not fully organic food when it comes to ingredients;
  • For 2-4 servings only.

To be fully frank with you, I did research with Green Chef vs Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh as well. Blue Apron was fast excluded from my top list because I was looking for a service that is into going green theory, however, their meal kits are delicious too, and cheaper.

Pricing of Greenchef vs Hellofresh

They do not differ much in prices, I believe because after the “amalgamation” if possible to say so, that started dictating the similar price policy. Nevertheless, both providers are not the cheapest parties for you to save money.

Green Chef offers 3 plans including:

Green Chef plans
  1. Keto+Paleo Plan at $6.66
  2. Balanced Living Plan at $5.66
  3. Plant-Powered Plant at $5.66

These prices are discounted, plus, there is a family plan at $10.99. Remember, they charge for shipping separately, and I found it quite frustrating, as it costs $8.99. What saved my impression? When I did my checkout, I noticed that the first order comes with free shipping as well as an additional discount. The second, third, and fourth orders also come with a discount.

Now moving to Hello Fresh. There are many more plans to choose from including:

Hello Fresh Plans
  1. Meat&Veggie
  2. Veggie
  3. Family Friendly
  4. Calorie Smart
  5. Quick and Easy
  6. Pescatarian

ALL OF THEM come at $8.99 per serving. Plus shipping is $8.99 as well. If going for 4 people instead of traditional 2, the price is somehow lower – $7.99.

Meal Varieties Offered by Hello Fresh vs Green Chef

Both food delivery companies may offer much when it comes to meal kits but there are more interesting dietary perks from Green Chef. I was looking for something balanced, and Balanced Living Plan was the best choice for me, while other people who follow Keto or Paleo diets may also find nutrition for themselves. Hello Fresh is a little bit far from offering options for those diet followers but the number of recipes is huge though.

With Green Chef, you may find the KETO + PALEO plan which focuses on balancing carb intake and minimizing the intake of gluten/grain foods. The majority of recipes come with a maximum of 35g of carbs, and ingredients are full of high-quality proteins. For instance, – Fried eggs with Cheddar, chicken thighs, greek salad with sausages, and beef bowl, etc.

Afterward, my chosen plan – Balanced Living. I decided to go for it because I love everything concerning seafood and meat. It fits those who are into vegetarian dinners as well. Meal varieties are represented with an Italian, Mexican touch, and many more. I tried a Korean burger, white bean soup with sausages, and BBQ Chicken bowl. It was worth it and YUM it.

Last but not least – Plant-Powered plan which fits vegans and vegetarians. The name says itself, you may find many options with veggies. For instance, chickpea bowl, peanut udon noodles, roasted carrot bowl, and cabbage slaws with mango sauce. There is nothing boring like a roasted cabbage or hummus only but many recipes to diverse your dinner or breakfast. This plan attracted my vegetarian friend, and she was in love with it.

What about Hello Fresh? As there are many plans, let’s show you options the following way:

  1. Meat&Veggie – Chicken+Garlic Parmesan Spaghetti, Pork Tenderloin.
  2. Veggie – Italian Garden Veggie Soup, Chickpea bowl.
  3. Family Friendly – Gouda Vibes Burgers, Pecan Crusted Trout.
  4. Calorie Smart – Chicken Tacos, Miso Apricot Salmon.
  5. Quick and Easy – Garlic Butter Shrimp, Thai Ginger Curry.
  6. Pescatarian – Coconut Tempura Shrimp, and Miso Apricot Salmon.

I chose a quick and easy plan, and I want to assure you – IT IS QUICK AND EASY for sure.

Who Is The Best for Dietary Preferences?

The Best for Dietary Preferences

Logically to say that Green Chef is the best delivery service for those who are picky about their diets. It offers kits for Paleo, Keto, gluten-free meal, as well as options for vegans and vegetarians. You may follow a diet by receiving your meal kits weekly.

Hello Fresh is not too much into dietary restrictions, as there I could see many recipes for general preferences like for those who love meat, vegetables. On the other hand, their nutritional facts are detailed, and good if you want to know every single detail about possible allergy, or calories. You won’t miss information about wheat, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, and shellfish allergens. 

What to Go For – Hello Fresh Green Chef?

After reading many reviews on both and experiencing their services on my own, I want to say that my favorite is Green Chef but only because I am keen on ecology. I believe their website could persuade me to choose them fast, as there are many words about going green, recyclable materials, and etc. Both services are good in taste and quality of ingredients. As for meal kits, Green Chef won with me, as there is a VISIBLE division into dietary restrictions. I went for the Balanced Living Plan, while others may find the Keto+Paleo plan which fits their current food regimen. Prices were decent as well.

As for Hello Fresh, I liked it as well because of the multiplicity in prepared foods. Yes, they do not offer much for certain diets but their recipes are cool and fast to cook. 

Thus, if you look for a specific diet, Green Chef might easily satisfy your meal cravings. If you look for interesting recipes and clean-cut schemes on where the allergens are, or more plans to choose from, go for Hello Fresh.

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