Looking for nutritious delivery dishes might be challenging since there are many services and they all have their benefits. When it comes to frozen meal delivery services, one wants a dish to be durable, preserve all of its qualities, and, of course, be tasty. Let’s overlook some of the most popular frozen food home delivery companies that may fit your taste, requirements, cooking time, and pocket.

Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services in 2021 in USA


Short Overview

first frozen meal delivery is Veestro

The first frozen meal delivery is Veestro. Based on their offerings, they consider themselves as a healthy and plant-based service that delivers delicious and organic ingredients to nourish one’s eating habits with quality. The company claims to have 2M dishes served. They are featured by VegNews as the best delivery service in 2018. Beyond that, clients love them for their fast cooking. No chopping and tiresome waiting are required to enjoy the dish.

As of now, they offer two plans to choose from including  – A La Carte, and Weight Loss. Everything is chef-prepared and contains no preservatives or GMO-additives. With a dietician plan, you access 1,200 calories dishes that won’t resemble food for kids with small portions but large and tasty combinations to stay full. Their dishes fit gluten-free, nuts-free, high-protein, soy-free as well as kosher gourmets. 

It is perfect for vegans. One may keep the dishes in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. If freezing them in a freezer, they may last for 8 weeks on average.


Veestro dishes start from $9.90 per serving, thus, it is possible to speak of affordability which is great.

A la carte frozen meal pricing looks as follows:

  • 10 dishes = $11.70 per serving;
  • 20 dishes = $10.80 per serving;
  • 30 dishes = $9.90 per serving.

Weight loss frozen meal pricing look as follows:

  • 5-day plan = $11.70 per meal;
  • 7-day plan = $10.80 per meal.

The shipping is free.



  • A that may last for up to 8 weeks;
  • Large portions;
  • Fits many diets and eating habits;
  • Affordable.


  • Not fit for carnivore eaters;

Summing up, Veestro frozen meal options are good for vegan eaters, and those who want to switch to plant-based and organic food. The prices are tasty, and the portions are great.


Short Overview

frozen meal delivery service worth your try is BistroMD

The second frozen meal delivery service worth your try is BistroMD. Especially, if you are on the journey of losing weight. People love this service because it does not limit them to bland and boring combinations of ingredients but it strives to nourish one with proteins, carbohydrates, and fats equally. BistroMD works on boosting one’s metabolism which aims for healthy weight loss.

BistroMD offers several plans for one’s convenience including Standard, Gluten-free, Diabetic, Menopause, as well as Heart-Healthy. All of them carry one certain mission. For example, the Diabetic plan stands for promoting a person’s stable and healthy rate of blood pressure. With a Standard plan, one accesses chef-prepared foods balanced to help lose weight gradually.

Beyond that, this frozen meal service offers programs for weight loss including 5, 7-days, or custom programs with breakfasts and lunches. There are options divided per sex as well – for women and men.


  • All the delivery plans with frozen dishes for 7-days are $142.46;
  • All the plans with frozen meals for 5-days are $97.46.

The shipping is $19.95.



  • A large variety of plans, and programs for weight loss journey;
  • Chef-prepared frozen meals;
  • Fits dietary preferences.


  • Pricey options;
  • Pricey shipping.

BistroMD options are amazing for people who struggle to lose some weight. There are various programs to accommodate the needs of every person. 


Short Overview

HomeBistro is an alternative frozen food delivery

HomeBistro is an alternative frozen food delivery for people who seek excellence and dishes prepared by a world-renowned chef Cat Cora. Chef Cat Cora focuses all her food creations on sustainability, health, and wellness. Still, the service is convenient for many other plans. For instance, one may find combos, individual dishes, dietary preference options, etc.

They have gluten free meal, heart-healthy, paleo, vegetarian, diabetic dishes, etc. Beyond that, those who crave SuperBowls may find them with HomeBistro too. 

What about quality? Their gourmet frozen food delivered is known for qualitative ingredients since they support and collaborate with farmers. The ready dishes come with balanced nutrients. Less sugar, lower content of carbs, and much protein. The meats and poultry are antibiotic-free. Finally, their portions are not of kids size but substantial for making one full and happy with the frozen meal.


The pricing matter with HomeBistro gourmet frozen food delivery is a thing. There are many prices for any pocket. Take a look at the following examples when it comes to their cost:

  • Best sellers = 10 dishes are $229, 10 dishes crafted by chef are $249,99, 7 dishes are $161;
  • Individual dishes are from $14 up to $30 per serving;
  • Dietary preference options = 10 dishes for Paleo eaters are $199,99, 10 dishes for heart health are $159,99, 10 dishes for vegetarians are $132.99.

The shipping is around $30 depending on the order, serving, etc.



  • Run by a renowned chef;
  • Great variety of plans, and meal options;
  • Tasty guilty-pleasures;
  • High-quality ingredients.


  • Pricey but worth it;
  • Pricey shipping.

What to say about HomeBistro? They have intriguing and delicious frozen prepared meals delivered to your home. If you seek chef-prepared individual or combo dishes, HomeBistro might satisfy your demands.

Paleo on the Go

Short Overview

Frozen meals delivered by Paleo on the Go

Frozen meals delivered by Paleo on the Go say themselves – they focus on Paleo eaters and their dietary preferences. This service offers autoimmune (AIP) eating protocols for any liking. There are only frozen meals prepared by their chef. They strive to omit the foods that may potentially harm one system including soy, dairy, sugar, and other preservatives.

Paleo on the Go has many plans and programs for people. For instance, they feature an AIP menu, Whole 30 Approved which eliminates potentially harmful ingredients, regular bundles, as well as AIP bakery. Have you ever thought of eating a huge creamy cake that won’t harm your diet and system? Paleo on the Go makes them by eliminating eggs, nuts, chocolate, and even certain spices. Other bundles may include broths, soups, and main dishes.

By the way, the service also has Keto options. As for freezing their frozen meals, they may last up to 6 months and they won’t lose their high-quality properties.

Finally, the service has a great feature of rewards and bonuses that you may accumulate for further shopping. For instance, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, put like, etc. You earn points and cut the price on future frozen meals delivered to your door.


  • WholeApproved 30 meal bundle is $295;
  • March bundle is $225;
  • The breakfast bundle is $135;
  • The vanilla cake is $55.

Their menu seems like a La Carte which is convenient for those who want to try everything separately. The shipping cost greatly varies based on one’s location and the actual order.



  • Superb frozen meal options for Paleo eaters and AIP followers;
  • Delicious bakery and pastry;
  • Affordable for the volume of frozen meal options offered;
  • Lasting foods.


  • Minimum order applies;
  • High shipping depending on your location.

The verdict on Paleo on the Go frozen meal options is – it is a fair company. They offer a great variety of delicious but healthy Paleo dishes that you can hardly find with other providers. As for prices, they may seem high but affordable especially taking into consideration the actual dishes they offer to balance your diet.


Short Overview

healthy frozen meals delivered to your door is Freshly

Last but not least representative of healthy frozen meals delivered to your door is Freshly. It is known for fresh ingredients and tasty twists. Moreover, people love the convenience in plans when ordering with Freshly. Today, they offer several options to go for including Crafted Classics, Signature Collection, FreshlyFit as well as TakeOut Twists. The company accommodates few dietary preferences like gluten-free, and nuts-free. If you crave other diets, you may easily contact them and get a consultation on what fits your eating regimen the best.

The meals may last long in a freezer, though they still recommend consuming them while they are fresh. 

Finally, Freshly is the best frozen meal delivery service when it comes to single-person orders. Yes, you may order for yourself only, and avoid throwing money down the drain.


  • 4 dish plan – $11.49 per serving;
  • 6 dish plan – $9.49 per serving;
  • 10 dish plan – $8.99 per serving;
  • 12 dish plan – $8.49 per serving.

The shipping is one free delivery of a frozen meals per week.



  • Perfect frozen meal dishes per single-person;
  • Affordability at its best;
  • Fits gluten-free and nuts-free eaters;
  • Convenient frozen meal plans.


  • Unbalanced calories per frozen meal;
  • Lacks more options for breakfasts.

Freshly is a go-choice of frozen meals for both families and individuals who want to access fresh and healthy options. Compared to other frozen meal alternatives, it may boast affordability. Beyond that, their prices are striking the eyes when comparing them with Hello Fresh or Home Chef.

The Bottom Line

By choosing any of the above-mentioned food delivery services, you access quality, organic approach, sustainability to your eating habits. Either chef-crafted or variations to classics, these frozen meal companies ensure you do not harm your diet or health. Pay attention to the diets available with all of them, and start trying out each to find a golden mean for your future food shopping.

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