Home isolation brought many inconveniences regarding lack of direct communication, hobbies, physical job attendance though many industries have only won. The meal kit delivery sphere started earning even more money and continued broadening its directory of clients. One of such representatives offering healthy and fresh prepared foods is Freshly. Learn more about this weekly subscription food service.

The Profile of Freshly Food Delivery Service

Freshly Meal Kit Review

Freshly is a subscription meal kit delivery service that offers people fresh and prepared foods on a weekly basis. It works with high-quality sourced ingredients that may nourish one’s body with nutrients. They carry the mission to make foods with less sugar and focus on less processed ingredients. Their chefs thoroughly craft meals which result in unexpected twists resembling traditional dishes from worldwide cuisines. All you have to do is just to choose the appealing to your eyes plan, and a diet which you may occasionally follow including gluten-free, peanut-free, etc. Otherwise, you are most welcomed to contact their customer support team to address your inquiry about other dietary restrictions you have. Afterward, you access a number of healthy and yummy dishes that you may receive weekly straight to your door.

As for their delivery area, the service currently covers 48 states. Some of the areas are hard to deliver prepared foods within 48 hours, however, they say they work on expanding their reach.

How Much Does Freshly Cost Today?

Freshly Meal Kit Cost

Freshly is a meal delivery company that is pretty affordable, however, when comparing it with other services including HelloFresh, HomeChef, etc, it has higher rates. It is worth mentioning that I tried Freshly, and I can say that their prices correspond with the quality of ingredients I got. Therefore, they are totally worth it all. 

First off, let’s specify that the final price for a weekly order will greatly depend on the serving and location. As of now, they offer 4, 6, 10, 12 servings that all fit both individuals who are busy cooking, as well as large families who want to save time on preparation. 

To be more specific regarding the current prices, they look as follows:

  • 4 meals/weekly – $11.49 (per 1 meal);
  • 6 meals/weekly – $9.49 (per 1 meal);
  • 10 meals/weekly – $8.99 (per 1 meal);
  • 12 meals/weekly – $8.49 (per 1 meal);

If you find them expensive, you may also find the Freshly discount code promotion mentioned on their official website. It is somehow more of a referral program, because you may get 40$ for referring the service to your friends. If your friends start using their service as well, you get that money. Beyond that, there are a wide variety of third-party websites where you may find Freshly promo code to cut the price even more. Therefore, saving with Freshly is not only possible but encouraged, as this is the best delivery service that cares about clients’ satisfaction in everything.

Finally, Freshly shipping cost is also not the one that may make you throw money down the drain. It may be approximately $5.99, however, again everything depends on the plan you are subscribed to, and your location where you expect your prepared foods delivered to.

Summarizing the cost findings, you may definitely find cheaper services that have both free shipping, cheaper meal plans. Nevertheless, with the option of promo codes, and discounts you are capable of saving with Freshly as well. Therefore, this meal kit provider is worth the money.

Freshly Food Delivery Review of Menu

Freshly Meal Kit Review Menu
Freshly Meal Kit menu

Freshly meal kits reviews may resemble each other though the service’s menu is subject to change from time to time. As of now, the company has 4 divisions from where you may get various cuisines for your liking:

  • Crafted Classics;
  • Signature Collection;
  • FreshlyFit;
  • Takeout Twist.

With crafted classics, and signature collections you may expect to have traditional recipes, however, “decorated” with unusual ingredients and combinations of spices. The FreshlyFit plan is the one for those who care about their health or follow a certain diet. You can find keto-friendly options, or a gluten free meal. Beyond that, there are many low-calorie and dairy-free options.

Freshly Meal Kits Review of Dishes

When overlooking Freshly meal options, you may find many dishes that are both sweet, spicy, salty, etc. Their portions are quite big, so you won’t be hungry after finishing one plate. One meal weighs approximately 13 ounces, and is of 500 calories on average. Nevertheless, you may also find meals that are 300 calories if you want to lose weight. Furthermore, to satisfy all the clients Freshly does not add any artificial or chemical preservatives, hence, all the meals may have a refrigerated shelf life of about 4-5 days. If you plan to eat a dish straightaway, just reheat it using your microwave. Note, it is better to abstain from using the oven or stovetop, as their containers are not very safe for such a reheat. Now, let’s take a look at the dishes in detail. What can you order?

  • Crafted classics – Homestyle Chicken, Cauliflower Beef Bolognese;
  • Signature collection – Sausage baked penne, Masterful meatballs;
  • FreshlyFit – Very Verde chicken, Chicken Livorno;
  • Takeout twist – Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Pad Thai.

You may basically access Indian, American, Asian organic food that is all very yummy and mouth-watering. Even though Freshly lacks more dietary options for all the possible eaters, the service is open for inquiries. Beyond that, they say that from to time they add more options to cover the needs of all eaters.

Freshly Boxes and Their Environmental Impact

Freshly Meal Kit Review Boxes

Review of Freshly boxes and environmental care won’t differ much from other services, as the company does also care about these aspects. First off, the packaging is made by using a modified atmospheric technology that enhances the shelf life of foods by approximately 200%. It allows minimizing the growth of aerobic organisms that may occasionally harm the quality of food. Secondly, Freshly uses recycled denim insulation and non-toxic gel packs that cool the foods until they are delivered straight to your doors. 

The typical size of the box will depend on the servings you order, for example, 4 meal plan boxes will weigh 16.1 pounds and be sized 16 x 13 x 9.

All their ingredients are sourced from US farmers, however, depending on the season, some of them may be ordered from other countries. Still, everything is inspected on Food Safety and graded by the USDA. It means that meats do not contain fillers, preservatives, and additives.

Ordering Process

You hardly find many Freshly bad reviews about the ordering process, as it is easy and very intuitive. You just proceed with filling out personal information including your email, and ZIP code. Afterward, you specify your delivery address, preferred date, and proceed with choosing your dishes.

The service accepts major payment methods including Visa, Master, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Discover. Beyond that, they work with PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay. If you used to go for Google Wallet or prepaid cards, they are currently not available.

Freshly Reviews on Their Customer Support Team

Their customer support team is very helpful. Nevertheless, you may not even find the necessity of contacting them directly, as they have a user-friendly FAQs page where all common questions are answered. Otherwise, you may contact them via email or their designated online chat which works 24/7. 

Note, you may also get with them a money-back guarantee. All in all reviews for Freshly support team are all good, as no unsolved issues are found.

Is Freshly Good for You?

Summing up all the findings and discovering the perks of Freshly, this is the company with which you won’t come across a question – Freshly is it worth it? Yes, it has delicious dishes, convenient plans, and helpful representatives that are ready to help you through all their services and options. Some clients may somehow lack more dietary restriction meals like vegan and may say that prices are higher compared to other services. Still, the prices definitely correspond with the quality you get, and diets are constantly added to satisfy all the customers. Conclusively, Freshly is a good alternative to food delivery services like Hello Fresh, and Hello Chef, etc.

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