Affordability and quality rarely get along, since one will be sacrificed for another one. It is partially true but there is one exception when speaking of the meal kit industry. Alongside such big cheeses as HelloFresh, HomeChef, Blue Apron, one company offers delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes at ridiculously low prices. This review of EveryPlate may reveal for you the unexpected perks of a poorly known weekly subscription service and occasionally help make up your mind on the best company to go for next week.

EveryPlate Meal Kits Review and Their Delivery Area

EveryPlate Review

EveryPlate is all about flexibility and low prices. When ordering with them, you weekly receive classic and home-style recipes made out of fresh and healthy ingredients. The strongest point you may encounter with them is the $4.99 price per meal, which is incredibly low compared to other companies in the meal kit market. Then, this service does not bother you with long-hour preparations of their recipes. A few minutes of your time, and you may become Chef yourself.

Again, throwing back to flexibility, the service is easy regarding skipping and canceling weeks. You may simply cancel your subscription up to 5 days prior to your next delivery. 

Although EveryPlate is not a very popular company, it is trusted by more than 1,000 Americans. Beyond that, over 2,000 people left their positive feedback on EveryPlate on Facebook where the average rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Note, since EveryPlate service is cheap, some people may not find it helpful. Such low prices make it almost impossible to meet all the dietary preferences. It means that you should look for other parties if you are Paleo/Keto follower, vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc. They simply offer home-made but classic recipes.

As for their delivery area, they deliver to most of the continental regions of the US.

The last thing about EveryPlate is that they are owned by HelloFresh. They were launched as a cheaper alternative for those who think HelloFresh’s prices are too much. It all means that you should not doubt the quality of their ingredients as well as their relevance on the market.

How Much Does EveryPlate Cost?

EveryPlate Cost

EveryPlate food delivery company is cheap – short and precise! Yes, they have record-breaking prices for organic food, and you are unlikely to find anything cheaper. Take a look at prices in detail:

  • 2 or 4 people-3 meals per week = $4.49 per serving
  • 2 or 4 people – 3/4/5 meals per week = $4.49 per serving

As you may see there is no difference, as you will pay the same price per serving. By the way, upon choosing the plan, you will see one offer popup – enjoy a total of $10 OFF throughout 2 boxes! Also, there is one promotion for students who may order a meal for $3.99 per serving.

If such prices still look somehow too much for you, you may find third-party websites offering EveryPlate discount code, EveryPlate promo code, etc. 

When covering the EveryPlate shipping cost, it might seem the only disappointment to you, since it is $8.99 regardless of the number of meals you order per week. Still, it is hardly the same as with other meal kit companies. Therefore, no complaints about that. EveryPlate review of prices is 5 stars!

EveryPlate Meal Kits Reviews of Menu

EveryPlate Menu

EveryPlate is very moderate regarding the menus. They basically have none. It means that the service just posts weekly recipes which you may order and that is it. As was said above, the service is not a good choice for people who look for vegan, vegetarian, Keto/Paleo, or gluten free meal. They do not offer such options. You will receive a box which is full of classic but home-made recipes only.

Every recipe you will receive has an allergen information card. Beyond that, you may download nutritional estimates per serving. That’s all that you may expect regarding their menu. On the other side, it would be strange if they have low prices and accommodate every single diet.

EveryPlate Meal Options

There are fewer EveryPlate reviews on their meal options since the service is still fresh, strange it may sound. Let’s overlook the prepared foods and recipes for February month. By the way, weekly, they show 16 flavorful meals to choose from.

  • Garlic Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Root Veggies
  • Caramelized Onion Burgers with Horseradish Aioli and Potato Wedges
  • Pork and Pineapple Tacos
  • Gravy-Smothered Pork Chops with Buttermilk Biscuits and Roasted Carrots
  • Creamy Mushroom Steak with Roasted Potato Rounds and Green Beans
  • Herby Parmesan-Crusted Chicken

Note, EveryPlate cannot be categorized as a service that offers only fast-to-prepare dishes. Some of the recipes may take around 40 minutes. Yes, you may say it is long to wait, however, based on our experience and other clients of this service – it is totally worth it. Unfortunately, they do not have any adds-on such as desserts or any special drinks. Furthermore, they do not have any family plan, hence, if you look for kids’ options, EveryPlate should not be taken into consideration, at least now. We have tried to find any news about adding new recipes or plans but nothing!

EveryPlate Meal Kits Review of Products’ Quality

EveryPlate Products’ Quality

Okay, EveryPlate is a cheap service – sorry for repeating it again and again. Therefore, people normally expect to hear that there is nothing special about the products’ quality. Their official website does not reveal much information regarding the prepared foods, or ingredients except for these statements:

  • Their suppliers vary by week and region. These suppliers ensure the highest quality of all ingredients.

When trying their recipes for the first time, one may clearly understand that such low prices do not sacrifice the quality of food. There is no disappointment since everything is healthy and fresh. We tried Pineapple Tacos with Pork, and really enjoyed them, as the biggest meat lovers. What you also might love with them is their spices. The service adds 1 or 2 spice packets to make your recipe more interesting depending on your taste or even mood. Therefore, one dish may be either too spicy or too sweet, how you like it.

Review of The EveryPlate Meal Kit Boxes

EveryPlate Meal Kit Boxes

The company does not have much information about their packaging or boxes, however, taking into consideration that they are owned by HelloFresh, the packaging rules might be the same. EveryPlate boxes are all recyclable, and you won’t come across any waste. All you have to do is to empty the ice packs before recycling but it takes less than one minute.

Everything in the box is organized, and there are not many plastics which surprised me. Before I used to order with one meal delivery company, and I had to spend ages getting rid of that plastic item correctly.

Therefore, 4 stars for their boxes. 1 star is missing due to the lacking recycling instructions on their website. Most likely, they expect people to call them directly for any such inquiries.

EveryPlate Meal Ordering Process

EveryPlate Meal Ordering Process

Like other meal kit services, EveryPlate did not reinvent the wheel and added a Get Started button on their home page. Upon clicking that button, you are redirected to the page where you should choose the plan (It looked strange to me since they have only 1 plan), and meals and servings per week. After that only, you have to indicate your email and password. Then, the traditional page appears – your delivery information, and check out where you have to pay for your order. When you are done with these basic steps, the last process consists of selecting the meals.

I love their ordering process since you literally spend like 10 minutes or less. Some people may say – of course, it is all so easy because they do not have many plans to choose from and where to get lost at. Yes, agree! But, you choose this service when you do not look for something extra but just want a cheap meal that would be still tasty and worth it all compared to other companies. In addition, EveryPlate accepts major payment methods including PayPal which is very rare with other services.

Reviews for EveryPlate Support Team

EveryPlate Support Team

Now, let’s cover the EveryPlate review of their support system. Similar to other services, EveryPlate has a Help Center and FAQ page where you easily find all the answers to common questions. There, they share information about their services, COVID updates, recipes and ingredients details, shipping and delivery, billing, and instructions on managing your account with them. If you cannot find an answer to your inquiry, no problem! You may contact them directly through a live chat which works 24/7. Note, you might not see the live chat button on the screen as it happens to many users. To see it, you should ensure your ad blocker is off!

The second option to contact them directly is to phone them. This method is available Mon-Fri between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm EST.

Is EveryPlate Good?

Among dozens of meal kit providers, EveryPlate seemed to be very distinct. I tried EveryPlate with my husband and want to share only positive feedback about their services. Yes, there are lots of EveryPlate bad reviews but they only deal with the nonavailability of dietary preferences. It is kinda ridiculous to expect from $4.49 per serving price – the accommodation of Keto/Paleo, gluten-free, vegan dietary preferences. This service is a real deal if you look for classic, delicious, home-made recipes. This service is not for those who want to have their recipes ready within 5 minutes, since they may take time. Finally, this is the best delivery service if you want to access fresh and organic ingredients of the highest possible quality. 

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