After overlooking a number of interesting meal kit companies including Hello Fresh, HomeChef, BlueApron, you are most likely to wonder whether there are cheaper alternatives. Yes, and it is Dinnerly, a company that does not sacrifice the quality of foods to offer you bargain prices. Read this article to learn about Dinnerly in detail before making up your mind on the best food delivery provider.

Dinnerly Delivery Review and Their Servicing Area

Dinnerly Delivery Review

Dinnerly is a weekly subscription service designated to enhance the cooking experience for those people who do not have enough time to stay hours in front of the oven. Unlike other companies, Dinnerly is famous for its affordable prices that you won’t find with others. The service literally uses the same fresh ingredients for prepared foods, however, they take a different approach to their pricing policy. For example, they do use digital recipe cards instead of powering every customer with tons of paper. Then, they commit to adding fewer ingredients per dish which result in saved time on chopping and then cleaning. Finally, they feel no need in doing fancy marketing ploys to attract clients. And, you know what? All these saving approaches do not reflect on the taste of their recipes. This company is a great option to go for meal kits.

As for servicing delivery areas, Dinnerly covers most contiguous US states, and ships from 3 centers located in California, Texas as well as New Jersey. There is no information about their expansion to all the states, however, it may be subject to change. You may contact them directly to learn more about your location.

Review of Dinnerly Pricing

Review of Dinnerly Pricing

You will be surprised but their meals start from $4.69 only. This is their main perk that scares many similar meal kit companies. Let’s overlook the pricing on examples.

  • If you order a 2-person box with 3 meals/weekly, a portion will cost $5.99. If 4 or 5 meals/weekly, it will be $4.99 per portion. Finally, 6 meals/weekly are $4.89. As for the shipping cost, it is $8.99.
  • If you are interested in the Dinnerly family plan review of the pricing, they have this offer as well. A family box with 3 or 4 meals/weekly is $4.99, 5 meals/weekly is $4.89, while 6 meals/weekly is $4.69. The shipping cost remains the same – $8.99. Beyond that, you may make your boxes vegetarian free of charge. 

All in all, Dinnerly pricing is very tantalizing and appealing to everyone’s eyes.

Dinnerly Reviews of Menu

Dinnerly Reviews of Menu

Unlike other meal kit companies, Dinnerly is not very into the division of the menu. You won’t find there Keto/Paleo options, vegan meals. Furthermore, answering your probable question – does Dinnerly have gluten free meals? – There are only some recipes that have NO gluten added. Still, it does not mean you won’t find taste combinations for your meals. As was said above, the only possible variant for accessing something extra regarding the diet is that you may make your boxes vegetarian. Otherwise, some of their dishes may be described as low-calorie, dairy-free, etc.

Dinnerly Meals Reviews

Dinnerly Meals Reviews

Let’s show you some of the best Dinnerly recipes of the January 2021 week. 

Meat Category:

  • BBQ Chicken and Broccoli – Kids friendly, cooking less than 30 minutes;
  • Griddled Burger with Cowboy Sauce – Kids friendly;
  • Sweet Soy-Glazed Chicken – No gluten added, dairy-free, low-calorie, Kids friendly;
  • Thai Beef Curry – No gluten added, spicy;

Fish Category:

  • Shrimp and Rice Noodle Stir-fry – low-calorie, fish, dairy-free;

Veggie Category:

  • Two-Cheese Veggie Calzone – Kids friendly;
  • Coconut Curry Ramen – one-pot meal;
  • Veggie Shepherd’s Pie – special collection.

As you may see the dishes with fish are not sufficient for having a large choice, however, veggies and meat options are many and for any liking.

The recipes come with 6 ingredients only which makes them super fast to prepare.

Reviews of Dinnerly Products Quality 

Even though it is a cheap alternative to many other healthy food delivery services, there are no sacrifices to the quality of food. For instance, they have fresh grass-fed beef and American-caught seafood. Some of the other ingredients may be occasionally organic as well. Talking about its high mission of delivering only organic food is doubtless, however, there are no complaints about the poor taste.

Dinnerly Boxes and Their Environmental Impact

Dinnerly follows the latest recyclable trends to care about the planet. Their boxes are convenient and environmentally-friendly. They are all SFI certified meaning that they are made of paper sourced from sustainably-supervised forests. You can easily recycle it in any curbside paper recycling bin. 

Their ice packs contain 98% water and 2% super absorbent polymer. They are non-toxic. As for box liners, they are either foil pouch liners or encapsulated cotton liners depending on the area where you live. Foil pouches are made of metalized films and bubbles, while cotton ones are made of compostable natural fiber wrapped in a recyclable poly film. Finally, ingredient packaging is available in the form of bottles and containers that are made of fully recyclable plastic.

Dinnerly Ordering Process

Dinnerly Ordering Process

To start the ordering process with this service, you have to click on the top-right of the official website button – Choose Meal Kit. You select the preferred healthy box either for 2 people or a family plan and specify the number of meals you want, and vegetarian add-on if you want it to be of more veggies. Afterward, you are redirected to the location stage, where you should indicate your ZIP code and your email address. Then, you move to select the delivery date and your address. Finally, to complete the ordering you have to pay. 

They accept most payment methods including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

Dinnerly Support

Their customer support team is amazing. First off, you may access them through call, email, or a direct contact form – here. Once if you want to figure out about their services on your own, they have a very intuitive FAQs page where all bothering questions are answered. When looking for Dinnerly bad reviews, there are many statements where people expected to experience bad support but ended up being surprised by professionalism. It happens because people believe that such a cheap service as Dinnerly won’t care much about meeting people’s inquiries. Therefore, only great impressions are left after reaching their representatives.

Dinnerly Is It Worth It?

I tried Dinnerly for the first time last month, and it was an unbelievable experience. When you see such low prices, you do not expect quality or a good service. In real practice, people love this company and say that it is worth it all. Compared to Home Chef, Blue Apron you won’t get the same quality of ingredients or any specialties, however, you won’t overpay for ordinary salads. Their menu is quite extensive if you seek plain meat and veggie options. Beyond that, they have a decent family plan. Finally, ordering with them is convenient. It is worth saying that Dinnerly is the best delivery service that cares about people’s money. They do not have fancy marketing campaigns but are still loved by many clients. Therefore, if you are not a gourmet looking for foie gras or oysters and have an average paying capacity, this meal delivery service will be a go-choice for your belly. Cheaper meal kits you will hardly find anywhere else.

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