Being stuck to one meal kit company might turn out to be a boring experience even when it is Blue Apron. You may simply browse the Internet looking for healthy Blue Apron similar services. To avoid this numerous browsing, this article was written to facilitate your challenging choice.

Blue Apron Competitors Comparison: 5 Healthy and Delicious Alternatives

  • Sun Basket
  • Freshly – best cheaper alternative
  • Plated
  • Hello Fresh
  • Home Chef
Blue Apron

Blue Apron is one of those popular meal kit companies that go the extra mile to offer you interesting food experiences. Unlike its competitors, Blue Apron does not only offer weekly recipes but wines to be delivered to you together with food boxes.

As for their pricing policy, you won’t experience any large differences compared to other services, as there is an ordinary price range between $7.49-$9.99 depending on the serving. Though the prices are nothing to impress one with, hence, this review is intended to find alternatives to Blue Apron that offer more! Take a look at 5 food delivery services like Blue Apron in the meal kits industry, and choose one that fits your yummy preferences and paying capacity.

Sun Basket

Sun Basket
  • Accommodated Diets – Paleo, Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, diabetes options, vegan, vegetarian
  • Cost/Minimum Order – $8.99 per serving
  • Money-Back Guarantee – yes
  • Strong Point – Many accommodated diets, organic ingredients

The first Blue Apron alternative is a Sun Basket, a weekly subscription service most well-known for accommodating a large number of diets. It works with sustainable, and organic ingredients. To be specific, their recipes are deprived of antibiotics, and hormone meats and eggs, while seafood is only wild-caught. As for portions, they are very generous for individuals and family-sized clients though more options to be added for a Family plan. Now, let’s mention the prices. Like Blue Apron, Sun Basket charges clients pretty much since they have organic food. The costs may vary between $8.99-$11.99. Beyond that, they have a common perk of free shipping for the first order. 

The last benefit worth mentioning is their adds-on. Instead of Blue Apron’s approach to offering wine, they have coffee, pitas, flatbreads alongside breakfast options including yogurts, oatmeal, juices, as well as popular granola. 

Who should choose the Sun Basket over Blue Apron? It perfectly fits those people who look for diet-conscious meal kits since, with this company, you may find all the possible options. Secondly, it is definitely a go-choice for people who are into add-ons, and organic food that is fully sustainable.

Offers organic food, ingredientsLacks more options for Family-sized clients
Large portions

Freshly – a cheaper version of Blue Apron

  • Accommodated Diets – Keto, gluten-free, low-calorie, peanut-free, dairy-free
  • Cost/Minimum Order – $8.49
  • Money-Back Guarantee – yes
  • Strong Point – It is certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group

The second among many meal delivery services like Blue Apron is Freshly. It is also a weekly subscription service that cares about nourishing your body with nutrients. First off, they have a visible division among the foods. The company offers unusual twists from various cuisines and the same has recipes for people who are into a specific diet to lose weight – FreshlyFit. They have a dedicated nutritionist who crafts those carb-conscious meals for every taste, so that you may eat healthily and do not gain any weight. 

Alongside this delicious feature, the company, similar to Blue Apron’s mission, focuses on making their prepared foods and recipes with less sugar and just avoiding processed ingredients as much as possible. While it is hard to find many diets which they accommodate on their official website, they tell that in case of any specific diet, a person may contact them for a follow-up. Nevertheless, until now they do not have any options for vegans, and there is a small choice for vegetarians as well. On the other side, they have a certification from the Gluten Intolerance Group. The prices similar to Blue Apron are above average, starting from $8.49.

Certified gluten-free optionsSmall portions
Healthy twists from many cuisinesNo options for vegans and small choice for vegetarians
Fit plans


  • Accommodated Diets – Vegan, gluten-free, low-carb
  • Cost/Minimum Order – $8.95
  • Money-Back Guarantee – yes
  • Strong point – Organic proteins upgrade

Another representative of Blue Apron competitors list is Plated. This meal-delivery service is somehow less popular but it has its pros as well. For instance, unlike Blue Apron and similar services, Plated offers over 20 recipes per week to choose from. With Plated, you can easily mix combinations since they are very flexible. Then, you can order up to 7 dinners for 1 week. There is a choice of upgrading the proteins for organic ones if you have certain dietary preferences. As for their adds-on, the company really lags behind there since the only add-on available is a dessert.

Some recipes may occasionally waste 30 minutes of your time. To be frank with you, they are not very delicious sometimes as they may first seem. Finally, do not look for many dietary options with Plated. Unlike Blue Apron, they accommodate only a few but do have options for vegan.

The prices are quite standard and resemble Blue Apron’s pricing policy. One serving starts from $8.95. Alongside many coupons to cut the price with them, you are most likely to be getting free shipping for most meals as well.

Over 20 weekly optionsLacks many diets
Organic proteinsSmall choice of adds-on
Long-to-cook recipes

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh
  • Accommodated Diets – Pescatarian, vegetarian, calorie-conscious
  • Cost/Minimum Order – $7.49
  • Money-Back Guarantee – yes
  • Strong point – Cheap and most recognized meal kit service in the US

When you look for services like Blue Apron, you would definitely come across people’s feedback about Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is the #1 meal kit company in the US which is on everyone’s lips. First off, it is worth mentioning that they offer VERY delicious options, however, that may occasionally take some time for you to prepare them. Nevertheless, if you are busy, you may find quick and easy meals, so do not worry about timing. Secondly, they boast their lower prices unlike competitors, – the starting price is only $7.49. Thirdly, like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh is very into sustainability regarding everything they do and offer. They focus on less food waste, a greener footprint, responsible ingredient sourcing, and smart packaging of their delivered foods.

Many of their clients wish to observe more dietary options. As of now, they are limited only to pescatarian, vegetarian and calorie-smart. There are no recipes for vegans, as well as it is hard to find any gluten free meal for your dinner. At least, they have family plans which are great for kids who look for healthy but delicious options.

The cheapest within other Blue Apron similar servicesLacks many diets
Tasty recipesTakes time to prepare recipes
Most famous meal kit company in the US

Home Chef

  • Accommodated Diets – Soy-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, calorie-conscious, carb-smart
  • Cost/Minimum Order – $6.99 for meals per week
  • Money-Back Guarantee – yes
  • Strong point – taste and flexibility in recipes

Last but not least, a healthy Blue Apron alternative is Home Chef. It is also another competitor to Hello Fresh when it comes to the most affordable prices. This meal kit company is a real deal if you like customization of ingredients and recipes. They offer to skip or double proteins though some customization options may cost you more. For instance, you will pay extra for doubling the meat, switching to organic as well as adding meat to a vegetarian recipe.

What else do people like with Home Chef? The company is very intuitive regarding the recipes’ cooking. They provide everyone with instructions, which are categorized per difficulty levels. Therefore, if tonight’s one meal seems too complex for you, you may look for other ordered recipes that won’t bear any complexity, and which you may eat promptly. Furthermore, like with Blue Apron, Home Chef measures every single ingredient, hence, there won’t be any food waste.

The last thing to mention is that you may be occasionally offered free shipping, however, it does not concern the events when you order meals for two but only for large orders. 

Skip/double proteinsLack more vegetarian options
Occasionally free shippingOrganic foods will cost more

That’s it, the above-mentioned representatives or else-called the competitors to Blue Apron are all go-choices for people. Some charge more but offer more organic food, while some have the utmost affordability but the taste of their dishes is somehow overestimated. This review is independent and does not promote any of them but just reveal the main benefits and cons of every to facilitate your future choice.

Note, all these companies like Blue Apron have their own delivery areas. Get to know with each whether they deliver their meal kits to you. Manhattan Zone or Long Island areas are covered, while such states as Alaska and Hawaii may be deprived of reach for them. When choosing the best delivery service for you, read more clients’ feedback on each. Pay attention to prices of these Blue Apron’s competitors which are subject to change from time to time, and upgrades in diets, since some companies may add the options for diets that have been previously limited in choice.

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